Michelle Obama And Vice President Kamala Harris Fist-Bumping At The Inauguration Is A Moment

"We understand that unspoken conversation in that fist bump."

The inauguration of Joe Biden on Wednesday as the 46th president of the United States has been filled with several memorable moments — but watching Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama share a double fist bump might just be the highlight.

Though short and subtle, the moment shared between Harris, who makes history as the first Black and Southeast Asian woman to become vice president, and the former first lady, the first Black woman to hold that role, resonated with people online.

This moment. THIS MOMENT. #InaugurationDay

@ShararehDrury / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ShararehDrury

The power of the impact alone?

It was the @KamalaHarris and @MichelleObama prolonged fist bump for me! 😭😭👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

@JGotti33 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @JGotti33

@KamalaHarris and @MichelleObama just fist bumped and I'm low key shocked the whole stage didn't explode from pure awesomeness

@EponineAlways / Twitter / Via Twitter: @EponineAlways

The universe was created when Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama fist bumped. #InaugurationDay

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It made some people incredibly emotional.

Watching @KamalaHarris and the @SecondGentleman fist-bumping with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama just made me go Niagra Falls. In this most extraordinary of transfers of power, it's a signal of change and normalcy at the same time. #Inauguration2021

@grantstern / Twitter / Via Twitter: @grantstern

I just saw Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama fist bump couldn’t hold back tears

@friasmp / Twitter / Via Credit Twitter: @friasmp

I lived to see Kamala Harris double fist bump Michelle Obama and I am SCREAMING with happiness right now. yes so much shit to do etc but I GET TO LIVE IN THIS FUTURE. gonna embrace this happy pink cloud of happiness in my heart.

@nerdette / Twitter / Via Twitter: @nerdette

Honestly, bawling my eyes out already at the sight of VP-elect Kamala Harris coming through those doors, fist-bumping Michelle Obama. It's a lot, and all good.

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For some women, there was a moving sense of familiarity captured in their exchange.

I feel like when #KamalaHarris and #MichelleObama fist bumped they were like hey sis lol #InaugurationDay

@mzlevelz / Twitter / Via Twitter: @mzlevelz

This ain’t just a fist bump. This is a “biiiiitch” moment and black women & little black girls FELT this one, honey 💅🏾

@locduplilmama / Twitter / Via Twitter: @locduplilmama

We understand that unspoken conversation in that fist bump ❤️

@tashathefox / Twitter / Via Twitter: @tashathefox

Seeing Kamala and Michelle fist bump each other. The love! The Style! The grace! Phew my heart! #InaugurationDay #KamalaHarris #MichelleObama #BlackGirlMagic

@lonia32 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @lonia32

The fist bump and exchange @MichelleObama @KamalaHarris just showed the feels we all need right now. Queens uplifting Queens

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Of course, Michelle wasn't the only Obama fist-bumping at the ceremony. Harris and former president Obama also shared a special moment.

The FIRST Black president and FIRST Black Vice President sharing a fist bump. Yep, I’m framing this. 🤜🏾🤛🏾

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Just in case you missed Michelle and Kamala, here it is again as a GIF:

Here's Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama's fist bump in GIF form

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