These People Have No Clue What's Going On Between Wall Street And Reddit But Are Celebrating Anyway

"Very happy this wall street bets thing is good. I feel like a proud yet confused mother."

Me cheering on the demise of Wall Street without understanding what’s going on

Twitter: @DavidDTSS

The battle between Wall Street investors and Redditors from the popular subreddit r/WallStreetBets has commanded public interest, even for those outside of the financial bubble and completely unfamiliar with terms like "short."

The past 24 hours have been neatly captured online with great analysis and explainer — and even better, the memes haven't stopped.

While those in the know debate the implications, others remain confused. However, they have managed to gather a general sense of what's going on and are picking sides.

Mainly, they are calling for the rich to be eaten.

2021 is the year we see ordinary people besting wealthy people at their own game. and i’m here for it 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼#EatTheRich

Twitter: @lilicablossomxo
Twitter: @AshAgony

I woke up and #EatTheRich is trending. It’s gonna be a good day.

Twitter: @The_Acumen

Even with very little understanding, people are rooting for WallStreetBets, which gained an extra million members in just one day as it launched its move to push up the price of GameStop stock.

Very happy this wall street bets thing is good. I feel like a proud yet confused mother.

Twitter: @Itsphoton

All of this talk of manipulating Wall Street has me more confused than anything else. High-stakes gambling seems highly stressful. Making billionaires freak out is something I can get behind, though, so these chips might fall in interesting places.

Twitter: @n7memo
Twitter: @JoshuaPotash

Tahmel Morton was on the front lines of all the action and asking the hard questions: "When the revolution comes, where will you hide?"

Twitter: @Caren_hs

wall street execs when they lose their homes because of reddit user gaychungus1312

Twitter: @based_confused
Twitter: @JuanVarela1510

And as ever, some people are just continuing to nod and smile as it all plays out.

Everyone on Twitter talking about Wall Street, GameStop, Robinhood and Stock Market Me pretending to understand what's going on:

Twitter: @DeficioEgo

Someone please explain this Reddit Wall Street thing to me cause I’m confused.

Twitter: @specks_93

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