Here Are Some Tweets About The "Call Her Daddy" Drama That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, Or Consider Starting Your Own Podcast

"Sofia Franklyn, the DNA test results are in and..."

If you aren't already clued in on the drama surrounding the Call Her Daddy podcast, fear not. We've got a detailed recap that will give you context and a look at how a podcast empire on the rise was nearly derailed.

Call Her Daddy cover artwork featuring Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn

Over the weekend, Alex Cooper, one half of the hosting duo behind the hit podcast, finally broke her silence to share her side of the story. It's as dramatic as you'd expect, but to the excitement of fans, it concluded with Alex announcing that the podcast will be returning this week with her hosting solo.

Somewhere along the way, Scooter Braun got involved. Yes, that Scooter Braun, allegedly hoping to negotiate a way for Sofia Franklyn to have her spot back on the show.

I had a convo with @scooterbraun He wanted to make it clear he wants nothing to do with this drama. I gave him my word I wouldn’t tweet about him again.Then this video happened. My hands are tied. To quote Bill Parcells.I reserve the right to change my mind. Slave to content

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy said on social media that Braun had claimed to represent Peter Nelson, aka "suitman," in the ongoing dispute.

Needless to say, Portnoy wasn't interested. At all.

Heading rumors @scooterbraun called a woman whose last name rhymes with Cardini on behalf of Suitman to beg for 50% of CHD back. Umm Suitman it’s a wrap bro. You lost. #callherdaddy

But he appears to be loving the outcome of all the drama.

People online have also become invested in the drama, whether they're a fan of the podcast or not.

Do I listen to Call Her Daddy? No. Did I just watch a half hour YouTube video and declare my allegiance to Alex Cooper? Yes.

me trying to explain the #callherdaddy tea to everyone i know

People have clearly picked sides.

But most fans seemed to conclude that Sofia is not the father they thought she was.

Sofia Franklyn, the DNA test results are in and... #callherdaddy

Sofia after watching Alex’s video #callherdaddy

The shade of it all.

“i didn’t have a boyfriend make my decisions” and that’s on being a daddy, not calling him daddy #callherdaddy

But the Daddy Gang are ready to reassemble for Alex.

in @alexandracooper we trust #callherdaddy

And most are applauding Alex for taking control of her own career.

alex cooper talking to alex cooper in the mirror #callherdaddy

When the bio changes, you know that shit is real.

and that’s on coming out of a shitshow absolutely flourishing and leaving the toxicity in the dust #callherdaddy

Fans are just relieved to have their Wednesday fix back on the roster.

watching Alex’s video\\ when she said “I’ll see you fuckers on Wednesday” #AlexCooper #daddygang #callherdaddy

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