A Stage Invader Stopped Beyoncé And Jay-Z's Show In Atlanta – But Don't Worry, They're OK

They will play another show in Atlanta Sunday night.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé have assured fans their tour will continue as normal after a stage invader brought their show in Atlanta to a halt Saturday night.

Footage posted to social media by fans shows the final moments of the show, as the couple exit the stage after performing their track "Apeshit." Then someone in a white T-shirt and black shorts is seen emerging from the audience and apparently following them offstage.

A fan ran after Beyoncé & JAY-Z on stage tonight and the dancers tried to stop him. #OTRII #Atlanta https://t.co/m47AMvyWCv https://t.co/GpNDyUX9f6

Dancers then break into a run and follow after the intruder. Fans can be heard saying: "It's a fight!"

A fan ran after Beyoncé & JAY-Z on stage tonight and the dancers tried to stop him. #OTRII #Atlanta https://t.co/m47AMvyWCv https://t.co/8V5fGaUtrj

Yvette Noel-Schure, the publicist for the couple — who were playing the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, where they will play again Sunday night — took to Instagram to thank fans for their concern and reassure the public that they are fine.

More footage captured the moment when concert security stepped in to contain the situation as the dancers and the band were briskly ushered off the stage.

Someone jumped on stage and tried to rush Beyoncé & JAY Z at the end of tonight's show in Atlanta. #OTRII Dancers tried to stop them. The Beyhive is wondering, where in the world was security as the dancers were left to defend themselves as he pushed and ran on stage. https://t.co/DBWgMdjVdr

This video, shot from a different angle, shows how the stage invader hopped onstage and weaved in between the dancers to follow the Carters backstage.

The couple, who are worth an estimated $1.25 billion, are currently on the North American leg of their On the Run II tour, the sequel to their first joint tour in 2014.

Fans used social media to voice their concerns about the incident, and some even suggested that the couple would be unlikely to stop in Atlanta again following the scare.

Have respect for performers especially their security. What happened in Atlanta on stage for #OTRII was scary. Do remember that performers are humans after all. They’re paid to entertain, not to get hurt. I have to applaud Beyoncé’s dancers for protecting her as she left.

And y'all wonder why Beyoncé doesn't do backstage passes anymore? I wouldn't be surprised if Beyoncé next tour will be seen from Netflix. Ain't no more tour bih. Thanks Atlanta! #OTRII https://t.co/wUw7qzfgDn

Y’all wondering why Beyoncé don’t do meet and greets no more. Which one of y’all Atlanta gays got on stage and tried to run on Jay, like that! You thought!

Yall really let somebody run up on Beyonce like that in atlanta

And people wonder why Beyoncé and Jay Z don’t do backstage things anymore. Some people have to ruin it for everyone, looks like Atlanta won’t be seeing the Carters for a while😡

According to Billboard, the couple are scheduled to be on the road for another month and a half, and the tour is expected to pass the $250 million mark when it concludes in Seattle on Oct. 4.

An employee at the venue said no one was available to comment. BuzzFeed News has contacted the tour's promoter, Live Nation, for comment.

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