This Artist’s Room Tour Went Viral On TikTok Because Her Decor Is A Trip

“My home is a reflection of my art and personality, which is colorful, bright, happy, and inspiring.”

An artist whose tour of her room went viral on TikTok has shared the details of what makes her home special and responded to the critics who described her personal taste as tacky.

Savannah Saturn, 23, told BuzzFeed News over email that her home is a "reflection of my art and personality, which is colorful, bright, happy, and inspiring.”

The one-minute clip has been watched more than 5 million times and gives viewers a brief look at Saturn’s converted room space at her home in Pennsylvania. It is decorated with themed ceilings, brightly colored hand-painted murals, and a disco ball.

Saturn has been painting her whole life and said the design project was set in motion by her mom, who converted space in their home to create separate living quarters for her. Saturn's decorating process was all about creating a space she could love and feel safe in.

“It's only 50% done, my room is actually my mom’s upstairs garage that we turned into a full functioning house with a kitchen and bathroom and loft with a bed," Saturn said. "She built it just for me to create whatever I wanted. It's really nice being able to be myself and live in a place I love.

Saturn said she has dyslexia, which has been challenging throughout her life, but her love of art and music "has helped me be the person I am today."

"I love to inspire all ages to just be yourself and never give up on your dreams," she said.

Saturn’s decor includes a ceiling completely tiled with vinyl records, another that is beautifully accented with butterflies, and a wall decorated with various random objects, including a retainer, a dollar bill, and Advil.

Speaking of her creative process, the singer and artist explained what it all meant to her.

“My favorite painting in my room is my bathroom which took only two days to finish because I had so much fun painting it," she said. "One of my walls is the largest mural I have ever done, it took three weeks to finish. Also my dresser door has some fun knick knacks glued to it, like pieces of candy, toys, records and money. I made my house the way it is because I love to be surrounded by art, and I feel so safe and happy in my home.”

The footage of her room was shared on Twitter in a viral post that has now been deleted. Not everyone was a fan of Saturn’s design choices. One user wrote: “the vibes in this house are so astronomically horrible I feel like I wouldn’t be able to hear myself think in here.”

The aforementioned tweet including an image of Saturn's room where the mural depicts a UFO with rainbow streams underneath alongside mushrooms, stars, and planets

For Saturn, who also makes music and YouTube videos, criticism is something she’s used to.

“I think people have a right to their opinions, but I also feel that everyone has a right to live the life they want, whatever makes you happy,” she said. “I like to tell people to love and not hate, to be kind and be positive. It does hurt a little when people say mean things, but I remember that I am happy and this is me being me and if they don't like it, it's okay."

In response to the few critiques, several people online were quick to defend the Saturn, commending her authenticity and commitment to personal style and creativity.

“I love my fans, they are the best in the world,” said Saturn. “I just want all of them to know and to never ever let anyone tell you that you are not good enough. Be yourself, love yourself and don't let negative people ever put you down.”

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