Trump Adviser Doesn't Get How Judaism Works

Trump adviser Daniel Scavino Jr. suggests Obama give an important televised speech during Shabbat instead of Hanukkah.

President Obama gave a speech on Sunday night about the threat posed by ISIS. It also happens to be the first night of Hanukkah, the Jewish holiday celebrating the defeat of the Selucid Empire at the hands of the Judean rebels known as the Maccabees.

Just days after his candidate delivered a speech loaded with Jewish stereotypes to a group of Jewish Republicans, Trump adviser Daniel Scavino Jr. said it was "disrespectful" of the president to give a major speech when Jews are celebrating Hanukkah:

Disrespectful. Should have addressed the nation on Friday or Saturday evening. Not the first night of #Hanukkah.

But his suggestion would actually be disrespectful.

Somebody tell the Trump adviser how Judaism works?

Hanukkah is a holiday of minimal religious significance to Jews — its cultural importance in the United States is largely due to its proximity to Christmas. (It helps Jewish kids not feel left out when their Christian friends are getting a whole bunch of presents.)

On the other hand, Shabbat, which begins on Friday night and ends on Saturday night, is very important to Jews.

Keeping the Sabbath holy is one of the Ten Commandments, and many Jews refrain from using technology during Shabbat.

So...they wouldn't be able to watch the speech.

By the authority vested in me by the Hanukkah helm, I deem this narishkeit. No religious restrictions on Hanukkah.

Something that Twitter immediately noticed.

Trump advisor super-sincerely concerned about the first night of Hanukkah, so he proposes a speech on Shabbos.

*Steps up to mic* let me complain about it being during a Holyday not in the Torah, but suggest it during Shabbat 👌

Trump adviser thinks it would be more respectful to Jews to schedule a speech on Shabbat

I would prefer you not speak for me or my people, but if you really must, get your Judaism 101 straight. At least.

On Shabbat, when observant Jews wouldn't watch TV/listen to radio? Versus on a night when they can?

This does not make any sense. You might want to google Shabbat.

Friday night? On Shabbat?

Note to Trump advisor: UR DOIN IT WRONG W/R/T OBSERVANT JEWS. (h/t @AdamSerwer)

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