This Guy Defended Catcalling On CNN And Got Totally Shut Down

Some guy tried to discuss the viral catcalling video, but his fellow panelists' reactions stole the show.

Last week, this video of a woman receiving numerous catcalls as she walked through the streets of New York City went viral.

On Saturday, CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield was joined by comedian Amanda Seales and author Steve Santagati to discuss the reaction to the video.

During the discussion, Santagati argued that he was an expert on the topic by virtue of being a man, that the men in the video obviously lacked class, and that women should leave New York if they don't like it.

And Whitfield and Seales had THE. PERFECT. REACTIONS.

Some of his choice quotes include, "The bottom line is this, ladies. You would not care if all these guys were hot."

"There is nothing more that a woman loves to hear [than] how pretty she is."

And " do we know some of those guys weren't planted?"

Santagati also argued that women who don't like catcalls should "stand up for [themselves]," despite Seales mentioning a recent example of a woman murdered for doing just that.

Watch the full mansplanation, and the incredible reactions.

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