Henry Cavill's Mustache Will Have To Be Erased From "Justice League," And It Is Very, Very Funny

"2017 has been hard enough. Just let Superman have a goddamn mustache."

On Monday, Variety reported that Justice League's extensive reshoots are causing major headaches for Warner Bros. — particularly due to actor Henry Cavill's mustache.

Cavill sports fuzzy-lipped facial hair in Mission: Impossible 6, and although he was reportedly supposed to be finished with shooting that film before Justice League went back into production, the actor has ended up having to shoot both movies simultaneously.

And because Paramount reportedly won't allow Cavill to shave while making M-I:6, Warner Bros. will have to digitally erase Cavill's mustache from Justice League.

The news was, understandably, quite funny to people.

Taking a break and learning about Henry Cavill's mustache. 🙈 No words. 😆 Poor guy, none of this is his fault so I'm laughing at the studios.

it makes me TOO fucking happy to know that Henry Cavill's Mission Impossible mustache is gonna cost MILLIONS OF DOL… https://t.co/wuhEDbyaid

@mattsinger 15 Great Movies That Cost Less Than The Catering Budget For The Team That Digitally Removed Henry Cavill’s Mustache.

Is Henry Cavill's Superman mustache also called Martha?

They enjoyed thinking about two major Hollywood studios fighting over one man's facial hair.

Imagining Paramount and Warners execs screaming at each other about Henry Cavill's mustache is my favorite part of… https://t.co/PjoNb6HsI8

Paramount Pictures should call themselves "Pettymount" because of the Henry Cavill's "Mustachegate". 😂😂

Some speculated how Cavill's mustache could be worked into the plot of Justice League.

Henry Cavill's mustache is the key to defeating Steppenwolf and the Parademons.

#HenryCavill between shooting #MissionImpossible6 and #JusticeLeague reshoots be like 👇🤣😁

But mostly, people really, really, really wanted Cavill to keep the mustache as Superman.

I would probably enjoy #JusticeLeague more if Henry Cavill's mustache keeps appearing and disappearing throughout the movie. #reshoots

look. 2017 has been hard enough. just let Superman have a goddamn mustache

Not sure why this 'digital removal of Henry Cavill's mustache' thing is such a big deal. I mean, there's precedent.… https://t.co/uQ8klS98Gv

In part because many were just curious what a 'stache'd Man of Steel would look like.

@adamhlavac Now I want to see those pictures of Henry Cavill in the suit WITH the mustache. Please let there be pictures. #JusticeLeague

Weirdly, this artist drew Cavill-as-Superman with facial hair three weeks before the news broke.

Mustache of Steel #HenryCavill #superman #drawings

And in April, Cavill posted this shot of him in his Superman costume while wearing a mustache on Instagram.

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