Mom And Two Kids Killed By Husband After NYPD Reportedly Failed To Translate Her Warnings

Deisy Garcia and her daughters were stabbed to death by Miguel Mejia-Ramos after repeated incidents of domestic violence and police reports that went untranslated until it was too late.

Guatemalan immigrant and Queens resident Deisy Garcia was stabbed to death last month along with her two young children by her husband, Miguel Mejia-Ramos.

Garcia had made several reports last year, claiming in one that she feared her husband would kill her. The NYPD failed to translate the report, which was in Spanish, before the murder.

According to court documents, Mejia-Ramos was furious after discovering a photo of his wife with another man on Facebook. He claims he intended to spare his children, but after discovering he didn’t have any car seats, he decided to kill them.