This Guy Won Tickets To The Super Bowl By Calling A Number From An Old Spice Commercial

Definitely the best easter egg ever.

After watching this Old Spice Super Bowl commercial, Scott Knowlton, a producer at Buzz60, called the number written down during the ad. Not only did he get a response, he got two free tickets to the Super Bowl.

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The story was originally reported by Andrew Dymburt, also of Buzz60.

Knowlton was the first person to call this number and found out that Old Spice was at the other end. They rewarded him with two tickets to Sunday's game. Over 1,000 people called the number.

"I saw this girl giving out her number to a guy in the commercial. Turned out it was a real number, so I called it," Knowlton said. He was originally calling the number in pursuit of a story.

Here's the original Buzz60 report on the tickets:

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