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This Art Installation Is A Beautiful Reflection On Immigration And Dreams

The Chile-born artist Iván Navarro uses images and words to capture the feeling of transience felt by immigrants and the displaced.

Posted on February 28, 2014, at 5:13 p.m. ET

A new art instillation in Madison Square Park, located in New York's Flatiron District, is a meditation on immigration, transience, and dreams in the form of three water towers, created by the Chile-born, Brooklyn-based artist Iván Navarro.

Aaron Calvin/ BuzzFeed

The installation is titled "This Land Is Your Land," after the Woody Guthrie song, invoking the experience of those traveling. The water towers are representative sustenance and shelter, which is often unattainable for many. The artist says the towers are also a universal image, appearing on the tops of New York buildings and marking rural towns throughout America.

"I like the idea of a reservoir of water," Navarro has said. "These simple and timeless wooden structures containing water — the most primitive and elemental resource, the essence of human sustenance — reminds us of the basic condition that all humanity shares."

During the day, the inside of each tower is just a reflective mirror, the neon inside barely visible.

But after nightfall, the installation changes.

Aaron Calvin/ BuzzFeed

In one tower, the word "BED" ascends. Here, the word is representative as an "object of rest, dreams, intimacy, and comfort."

Aaron Calvin/ BuzzFeed

In another tower, the words "ME" is reflected into "WE," representing both "self-declaration to acknowledgement of the larger social or political collective."

Aaron Calvin/ BuzzFeed

The final tower is simply a ladder that stretches up into a "vertical abyss," constituting a "surreal escape path to be scaled without destination."

Aaron Calvin/ BuzzFeed

The installation will be in Madison Square Park through April 13. You can see more of Navarro's work here.